Happy New Year!

Each year we are pumped , excited & ready to accomplish our big goals. Usually by the 2nd week in February many of us tend to forget or give up on those goals. Let us start 2021 at a slower pace. Let us dig deeper within ourselves. Begin the day with self care and better habits.

1.Trade the negative for positive.

Negative VS Positive

I am never going to get it I am successful

Just not good enough I am enough

I can't do it I am confident

I am a failure I am a winner

2.. Take a walk

A simple walk around the block helps to improve your immunity and boost your mood. Reconnecting with nature refresh you mentally & physically.

3. Sleep habits

A good night sleep improves your focus, lowers your risk of heart disease and reduces stress. Set a schedule that allows to have 7 to 8 hours rest daily.

4. Water, Water

Start your day with water.. Every few hours drink a cup or two of water. No need to wait until your thirsty..

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