Home Health Care Agency vs Home Care Agency

They may seem like they are both the same, but they are not. Both have pros and cons that are unique. Home Care provides non- medical services, whereas Home Health Care provides medical services.

When you have a family member living with an illness or limited mobility, a time will come where additional support is needed. Take the process slow & review all aspects of it. Ask your health provider, friends and family for referrals and recommendations of the available services in your area.

A Home Health Care Agency will benefit individuals recently discharged from the hospital, rehabilitation or a skilled nursing home.


  • Doctor & Registered Nurse on call

  • Occupational, speech & physical therapy

  • Health status monitoring

  • Medication administration (injections, insulin, etc.)

  • Wound Care

  • Medicare coverage (must be prescribed by a physician)

  • Private health insurance covers for services depending health plan (must be prescribed by a physician)

  • Medicaid usually provides coverage (varies by location)


  • Depending on your situation Medicare will only provide short term care with limited hours daily.

  • Limited choices (companionship, meal preparation, cleaning & transportation assistance not included)

A Home Care Agency provides non – medical services and assistance with activities of daily living. This service would benefit individuals who independent or semi- independent basic assistance required.


  • Assistance with paying bills

  • Companionship (talking, playing games, etc.)

  • Cleaning & organization of various rooms

  • Medication reminders

  • Activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, etc.)

  • Transportation to events & appointments

  • Long term insurance will cover for services dependent upon the Indvidual's policy.


  • Medicare & Medicaid provides no coverage.

  • Out of pocket private pay to cover the services (Rates range from $20 – $40 hourly)

  • According to your loved one's situation both services can be combined to provide optimal care. This combination approach can provide emotional support and medical needs.

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