The Importance of Brain Health

It has been said that forgetting deadlines, names or phone numbers are a normal sign of aging. Forgetfulness isn't a normal part of aging. There are steps we can take to improve healthy aging for our brain and body.

When our lives begin in the fetus of our mother's womb we are learning new things. As we grow we learn to speak, talk, write, personalities are developed and we begin to mature. Thru out our school years we are constantly learning new things, meeting new people and places. Often between the peek of one's career and retirement the need & curosity to learn new things often decrease. But this is the prime time to increase one's learning of a new hobby, language and possible career change.

There are some important actions to protect your brain health

- Eat healthy ( Increase fruits and vegatables ; Decrease salt & sugar consumtion)

- Physical activity ( Exercise 3-4 times weekly for 30 min)

- Learn new hobby, language or skill

- Engage in healthy social interactions with friends & family

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